Booking Your Appointment for Panel Physician

Are you immigrating to Canada? Have you submitted your immigration medical report along with your immigration application? If you haven’t submitted any medical report, you need to do it immediately. You would need to appear for a medical examination in order to prove that you are eligible for entering Canada. In order to appear for the medical exam, one would need to select a panel physician assigned by the immigration office.

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Selecting the One Assigned By the CIC

Immigrants need to keep in mind that their medical examination should be conducted by the physician panel selected by IRRC. If any immigrant plans to carry the medical examination under their personal doctors, then their medical report won’t be accepted by the immigration office. Hence, no other medical professional apart from those assigned by the CIC should be consulted.

Immigrants can select any assigned physician from the list provided by CIC. However, there is no strict rule that they should select that assigned physician of their country. One can easily carry out their physical examination and laboratory tests from the assigned physicians of another territory or country. In that case, the medical reports provided by the assigned physician would be considered eligible.

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Finding the Doctor Is Easy

If you are asked to go for an immigration medical exam by the immigration office, you need to get in touch with a panel physician immediately. The list of the physician is easily available on the website of immigration Canada. However, the applicant needs to mention the place from where their visa application is going to be processed. It would allow the physician to send the report directly to the immigration office.

An immigrant needs to keep in mind that once they find their physician, they need to book an appointment with them immediately. After all, they get a lot of requests for medical examinations from applicants. Hence, their schedule remains packed-up all over the year. Therefore, getting an appointment with the doctor at the earliest is important for the immigrants.

Alternatively, one can go through the list of panel physician in advance and book a tentative date for the medical exams. It would make their task easier. They would be able to go for the medical tests immediately after receiving a notification from the immigration office.

Physicians who carry out the medical tests clearly state that applicant’s should always confirm their appointment with the clinic staff within 48 hours. Or else, their appointment with the doctor might get canceled. Even if the applicant is not able to keep with the appointment date, they should cancel it one day before the set date.

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Bring Important Documents

Once an applicant gets an appointment with panel physician, they should bring with them the following documents. They are:

  • Original passport
  • Spectacles if worn
  • Medical Reports
  • Passport size photographs
  • Letters and Forms provided by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

The panel physician would specify if any other test would be required by the applicant. However, all fees should be carried by the applicant. However, during booking an appointment one should tell that they are applying for immigration Canada.