When the first signs of childbirth are announced, the prospective parents contact the midwife and they agree to meet at the place chosen for the birth. Monitoring of work progress is carried out according to recognized standards in obstetrics.

Postnatal follow-up

In the first week, the midwife performs about 2 to 3 home visits and then meets again with the parents at the home of birth towards the 3rd week and the 6th week.

During this period, the midwife takes care of the health of the mother and the newborn. It helps parents to adapt to the arrival of their baby and supports them for the beginning of breastfeeding.


For concerns or emergencies throughout follow-up, it is possible to contact the midwives on their pager at all times.


Back home with baby

Upon your return home, a nurse will contact you to make an appointment to visit you in the days that follow. This meeting allows us to continue the follow-up with the mother and the newborn, to support the mothers who have chosen to breastfeed and to make known the existing resources according to your needs. In some situations, it will be possible to have more intensive follow-up and to be able to benefit from the services offered by different professionals (social workers, psychologists, nutritionists, etc.).

If necessary, you can consult the Guide to  living with our child from birth to two years of age . This recognized reference guide, designed for parents, is prepared and revised annually by the Institut national de la santé publique du Québec. It is given to you during your pregnancy, do not hesitate to consult it. This is a good reference tool for your baby’s health and developmental issues.