Finding out That Can Cannabis Cure Cancer

Cancer is one of the diseases that are killing millions of people silently all over the world. In fact, the cancer treatment industry is governed by million dollar business or costly treatment procedures like chemotherapy or radiation. It is considered to be costly since not everyone has the financial capability to afford the chemotherapy session. Hence, an alternative cure for cancer treatment that is being suggested by the oncologist is cannabis oil.can cannabis oil cure cancer

However, can cannabis cure cancer is one of the probable questions that may come to your mind. This is because many people consider cannabis to be substance or a lethal drug. However, for treating cancer medical cannabis is used and it is vastly different from the marijuana. Well, the medical cannabis is less toxic and is considered to be more effective in stopping the growth of the cancer cells.


Does Cannabis Oil can treat Cancer?

There seems to be a great debate over the question, “can cannabis cure cancer?” While some group of scientists argue that cannabis oil can only deal with the side effects of cancer; on the other hand another group supports the theory that cannabis is an effective treatment for cancer cure. Well, there are a huge number of studies to prove that cannabis oil being the likely cure for cancer. In fact, studies have shown that many cancer patients have benefitted from cannabis treatment.

Getting To Know Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is as an essential oil and is secured from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The extraction process is known as solvent extraction. Usually, in this process, the extracts obtained are blended with the plant based oil. In fact, the oil contains important medicinal compounds like cannabinoids in them that kills down the cancer cells. The cannabidolic acid restricts the spreading of the cancer cells within the body. Thus the statement can cannabis cure cancer is true.

cannabis oil cure cancer

How It Deals with Cancer?

You know that cannabis oil contains high amount of cannabinoids like THC in them. When THC comes in contact with the either the cannabinoid receptor site’s CB1 or CB2, it increases the ceramide synthesis. However, the death of the cancer cells is triggered by the slight shift within the mitochondria of the cells. The cytochrome C gets pushed out that cuts down the source of energy for the cancer cells.

Also, the increase in the ceramide level causes an increased amount of genotic stress within the nucleus of the cancer cells. This result to the generation of a protein named p53. The role of this protein is to distort the calcium metabolism of the mitochondria. It even disrupts the cancer cell’s digestive system that is known to provide nutrients to the cancer cells. Thereby, it restricts the pro-survival pathways of the cancer cells. Basically, when the cancer cells cannot grow or function properly, it reduces the chance of survival of the cancer cells. Hence, the statement ‘Can Cannabis Cure Cancer’ is true to a great extent.

If you want your loved one to get treated for cancer in a natural way or want to eradicate cancer completely, you can give cannabis oil a try. It is a ground breaking treatment amidst the costly radiation or chemotherapy treatment.