Follow-up of pregnancy

As soon as you learn that you are pregnant, you must choose by which healthcare professional you will be followed for your pregnancy and during your childbirth. You can be followed by your family doctor, an obstetrician gynecologist or a midwife.

Pregnant women who wish to be followed and given birth by a family physician and who do not have access to them can call us for information about their needs. The pregnant woman will have an answer to her question about available family physicians. As soon as possible, he or she will be provided with the details of the medical clinics where the family doctors of the midwifes with whom they can communicate, taking into account their preferences in relation to their place of residence or work, for example.


Collection services

As part of your medical care, your doctor will order laboratory tests to 12 th week to see if you are anemic, suffering from infectious diseases, to know your blood type, etc. Some samples clinics are offered in each sector.


Prenatal classes

You and your spouse can participate in prenatal meetings held by the CLSC in your area. They will provide you with information on the various facets of pregnancy, childbirth and care of your newborn baby when you are back home. Prenatal classes are held in all CLSC our territory and take place once a week between the 30 th and 35 th week of pregnancy. You can register by contacting your CLSC.


Food aid (OLO Program)

The OLO (Egg-Milk-Orange) program provides pregnant women and young baby mothers with nutritious food supplements and personalized follow-up during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This program is for those with low family incomes.

If your doctor does not monitor pregnancy, you can ask to be referred to another doctor from the same or another medical clinic who practices obstetrics. If you do not have a family doctor, consult with us today