Mother-child unit

Mother-child unit

The Mother-Child Unit provides safe and quality care and services. The team accompanies you and supports you throughout your stay in the unit. Eight birth rooms are available for labor and delivery. Thereafter, the unit has 16 beds for the postpartum period.

Prenatal meetings are offered to prepare future parents to better live the period of pregnancy. At the time of delivery, a team of professionals welcome you and join forces to support you. The nurses will then propose to you the mode of accompaniment at the birth, based on the teaching of a physiological breathing and of positions facilitating the workflow and the relief of the pain.

The participation of the father or a close relative is an important asset in accompanying at birth. Early and continuous contact between the parents and the baby is encouraged. Indeed, from birth, the baby is placed skin-to-skin with the mother.

A breastfeeding support program for parents and caregivers has been in place for several years at the Mother-Child Unit. To find out more, a breastfeeding instructor is available to answer all your questions and concerns about breastfeeding.

In addition, a Continuity of Care form will allow you to access postnatal visits to the community.