What Are The Side Effects Of Long Term Use Of Methadone?

Methadone is often used for treating opioid addiction. You heard it right. It is given to heroin addicts when they come for a detox treatment. However, some studies have shown that more than helping addicts to stay away from opioid drugs; often, addicts have ended up with methadone addiction. Most of the methadone treatment clinic Toronto has come up with a report that a huge number of people are misusing methadone. Instead of using methadone as their pain medication, many people are simply taking it in order to get high.

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Methadone Clinic’s View

According to methadone detox and rehab clinics, till now methadone has been of immense help for heroin addicts. It has helped them to recover and go back to a normal life. However, those who require a longer time to recover stand the chance of getting addicted to it. Alternately, people who use methadone as painkiller drugs can become addicted to it, if they overuse it. Hence, it is important to take the required dosage of methadone.

From numerous studies, it can be assumed that long use of methadone can be very harmful for a person. For instance, prolonged use can affect the brain of the addict. Basically, too much of usage can hamper the learning process of a person. One can start to lose other intellectual functions, such as thinking or paying attention to details.

Methadone: Long Term Side Effects

Most of the methadone clinic in Toronto will agree with the fact that methadone has its own set of risks if it’s abused for a long time. The side effects of methadone use can be temporary, such as irritability, weight loss, reduced libido, and more. However, a patient might suffer from other symptoms as well. Ignoring these symptoms can prove to be detrimental to the addict.

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The symptoms which shouldn’t be neglected are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Chest Pain
  • Problem in sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Seizures
  • Complication in lungs
  • Blood urine
  • Dry mouth
  • Hyperalgesia

Reason to Stop

According to reputed methadone clinic in Toronto, one should immediately stop their dependency on methadone. The reason is pretty simple. If treatment with methadone takes for a long period of time then the addict won’t feel motivated to leave the drug. Hence, a person would become more addicted to it.methadone treatment clinic toronto

Another research has shown that the bone density gets reduced when methadone is used for a long time. This increases the chance of a person suffering from osteoporosis. At the same time, another side-effect of methadone addiction is malnutrition. Malnutrition can affect the physical health of a person.

Methadone clinic in Toronto states that long-term usage of methadone can damage the brain. The depressant effect gets boosted when one takes alcohol. Thereby it can lead to respiratory depression. Other than damaging the brain, there is also a huge chance of the kidneys and the heart getting permanent damaged.

Getting full sobriety from methadone can take months. In order to withdraw beautifully from methadone addiction, taking the help of Neworld medical detox centre professional is important. They can help addicts to recover beautifully.